What challenges are hindering your students today? Are your parents not fully engaged or are they baffled by test scores? Does your special education programming need revamping? Are teachers demotivated and struggling with how to do more with less? Is your nonprofit organization’s mission to support literacy in local schools, yet your team is not sure where to start?

This is what I know for sure—teachers want to teach, students want to learn and parents and neighborhoods want to support. They just need to know how. To properly and successfully educate a child, it truly takes an educational village. I am passionate about building those villages—creating a synergy between teachers, parents and communities that turn challenges into opportunities.

Here are some ways I can help:

Consulting, Data Collection and Special Education Program Evaluation. I bring my expertise and insight to the table to assess where you are and where you want to be. I understand that every school and child is distinct, and so I shy away from cookie-cutter approaches. I take a deep look into your learning environment and help you to identify and solve fundamental problems that prevent every child from receiving an exceptional education experience.

Professional Development Training

When teachers and administrators have the tools and training they need to be effective in the classroom, they soar and students do, too. I empower school staff to step up as leaders, to embrace the mission and develop the confidence and competence to teach for results.

As an experienced teacher educator, I coach education professionals on communication, instructional and behavioral strategies, family involvement and literacy and special education issues. Training is delivered via workshops, webinars and e-courses.

Resource Development

Have you run out of time or a deadline is approaching a bit faster than expected? I can assist in a few ways:

  • Identify and write grants to sustain programs
  • Create a schedule to maximize special education staff
  • Create processes and procedures for school or program staff to result in increased effectiveness
  • Write reports, white papers and model lesson plans
  • Identify and compile resources to ease teacher workloads

Speaking and Panel Moderation

Does your event need a passionate and informed speaker or moderator for discussions on special education, literacy or urban education issues? I welcome opportunities to share my experience and knowledge with audiences that are eager to listen and are actively seeking innovative and impactful solutions to make a difference in the lives of our children and communities.

Signature Topics:

Educational Equity for Students with Special Needs
Diversity in the Classroom: Why It Matters
Missing Link Between Behavior and Learning