“I absolutely love S is for South Side! It is an entertaining format for young children to learn about the many activities and institutions on the South Side of Chicago. The rhyming words, colorful illustrations, and sneak peeks at familiar places are sure to be a hit for children living on the South Side, and a great source of exploration for children everywhere!”
-Jennifer Armstrong PhD, SLP-CCC, Language and Literacy Enrichment Specialist

- Jennifer Armstrong

“S is for South Side promotes pride and a sense of identity for our young readers. Filled with captivating illustrations and fun language galore, Dr. Courtney Davis delights us with this treasure to enjoy!”
– Rahshita Lowe-Watson, Educator and Mentor

- Rahshita Lowe-Watson

“S is for South Side is an enjoyable read with colorful illustrations that jump off of the page. The adventures and landmarks mentioned in the book will make any adult Chicagoan nostalgic and evoke a strong sense of pride in any child born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. Children not from the city will most definitely want to visit after reading S is for South Side. This is a great children’s book!”
-Bernard O. Creamer Jr., Educator and Activist

- Bernard O. Creamer Jr.

“Courtney Davis has captured the love all native Chicagoans have for their community.  As a 3rd generation South Side Chicagoan and raising my child (a 4th generation South Side resident), we connected through the rich history and experiences of living in this special part of the city. As an educator of both students and teachers, I would love to see this book as a required read aloud for all kids in this great city. Dr. Davis and S is for Southside is Chi-Excellent.”
-Duane B. Davis, Husband, Parent, and Educator

- Duane B. Davis

“It’s amazing how Dr. Davis touched on every warm place of my childhood with this book. I am excited to have my daughter read each letter and experience these places with me!”
-John Stokes, Parent

- John Stokes

“S is for South Side brought back many fond memories of my childhood, along with providing a beautiful visual of our community, our city, and the many activities available.”
-Jeff Carter, Parent and Grandparent

- Jeff Carter